By football fans for football fans


The France 2016 Football Quiz is the best free football quiz app available with questions about past European Championships and the qualifiers for France 2016 containing more than 3000 original multiple choice questions.

Players can login with their Facebook account, challenge their friends to a duel and share their results on Facebook and Twitter. Or users can play the daily quiz and win cool prizes like signed jerseys of Messi, Ronaldo and many other players. The France 2016 Football Quiz offers more than just questions about football knowledge and stats. It also contains exciting questions with photos, logos, player characteristics and even the occasional WAG question.

Everything breathes football: a referee whistles to start the game; each game consists of 11 questions; the crowd cheers when answering correctly and boos at a wrong answer; when the score is tied, the game moves to penalties where each player gets 1 question until one of both gets it wrong while the other scores.

Prove to your friends that you know most about football and become the ultimate France 2016 Football Quiz champion and win top prizes!

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